Gulfstream won its first Collier Award for the advanced design, efficient manufacturing techniques and innovative international business partnerships that culminated in the introduction of the Gulfstream V, the world’s first ultra-long range business jet.

Pres Henne, senior vice president, programs, received the 2001 Hap Arnold Award for excellence in aeronautical program management. The award was presented by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the principal society of aerospace engineers and scientists. The award is presented annually to an individual for outstanding contributions to the management of a significant aeronautical or aeronautical-related program or project. Henne was recognized for his successful management of the GV program, the development of the world’s first ultra-long-range business jet.

Gulfstream earned the Robert J. Collier Trophy for developing the large-cabin, ultra-long-range Gulfstream G550. The G550 contained a variety of technological and safety advances. The Collier Trophy is awarded annually “for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency and safety of air and space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year.” It is the most prestigious award in business aviation today.

Charles “Chuck” Straight, a Gulfstream employee, won the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award from the FAA. The award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics. To be eligible for the award, a mechanic must have 50 years of experience as an accredited mechanic and 30 years of experience as an FAA-certified mechanic.

Gulfstream was cited by NetJets, the worldwide leader in private aviation, for maintenance excellence. NetJets created the concept of fractional aircraft ownership. The company presented the first Annual Performance Award to the Dallas-based maintenance team that supported NetJets' fleet of 18 Gulfstream G200 aircraft. In total, the NetJets fleet encompasses more than 65 Gulfstream mid-sized and wide-body aircraft.

The Gulfstream Service Center in Dallas received an Outstanding Achievement Award for excellence in base maintenance of the NetJets aviation fleet of G200 aircraft. This was the second consecutive year that Gulfstream earned the honor. The award recognizes the maintenance performed on 24 G200 aircraft in the NetJets aviation fleet in 2006.

Gulfstream and its parent firm, General Dynamics, received the Aviation Week Laureate Award in the Business/General Aviation category. This award recognized the General Dynamics and Gulfstream management team for developing "industry-leading business-aviation products and services with global reach and significance."

The Gulfstream Aerospace/U.S. Army C-37 Contractor Logistics Support Program at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland received the Aviation Maintenance Technician Special Recognition Award from the FAA. The award recognized employers that have had at least five consecutive years of 100 percent participation in the FAA’s AMT training program. The C-37 is the military version of the GV or G550 business jet. The Maryland-based CLS staff supports daily flight operations for U.S. Army senior leadership by maintaining three C-37 aircraft.

Five Gulfstream employees were recognized as Modern Day Technology Leaders at the Black Engineer of the Year Award conference. In addition, Kelvin Mason, Gulfstream's chief information officer, received the Pioneer Award. Nominations for this award are submitted by a wide range of companies. Only one Pioneer Award is presented annually. Eleven Gulfstream women were honored at the Women of Color in Technology conference. Six were recognized as Rising All Stars and five were cited as All Stars in Technology.

Richard Thrasher, a senior airworthiness inspector at Gulfstream, received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award from the FAA. The award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics. To be eligible for the award, a mechanic must have 50 years of experience as an accredited mechanic and 30 years of experience as an FAA-certified mechanic.

Five Gulfstream employees were recognized for success in the field of engineering and leadership at Gulfstream and in the community at the national 2009 Black Engineer of the Year Awards conference. Kelvin Mason, chief information officer, was named to the list of the 2009 Most Important Blacks in Technology. Mason guides Gulfstream’s Information Technology efforts and provides the vision to anticipate and prepare for future information-based requirements. The list is compiled by the editors of U.S. Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine. It honors leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors who serve as role models for the next generation.

Two Gulfstream employees received the 11th Annual General Dynamics Engineering Excellence and Innovation Award. As the airframe product development team leader for the G650 aircraft, Eric Samson successfully led the implementation of innovative structural design solutions. As a result, the G650 fuselage design surpassed program objectives with 55% fewer parts and a 20% reduction in manufacturing cycle time compared to the G550. Michael Knight, preliminary design systems specialist, led the External Vision System (XVS) team (in collaboration with NASA) to conceive, develop and coordinate the testing of an innovative concept for replacing natural forward pilot vision with video imagery, and testing the concept in various flight environments. Their work has advanced the company’s technical expertise regarding safe operation of future supersonic vehicles with shapes that challenge or preclude natural forward vision.

Pres Henne, senior vice president, programs, engineering and test, received the Aviation Industry Leader of the Year Award at the 2010 Living Legends of Aviation Awards presentation at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif. Henne received the award from 2008 honoree Pete Bunce, president and CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. The “Living Legends of Aviation” roster includes entrepreneurs, innovators, record breakers, astronauts and celebrities who have become pilots. Eight Gulfstream employees were recognized as Modern-Day Technology Leaders at the 2010 Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) conference in Baltimore, Md. According to BEYA, “These awardees are bright, young, up-and-coming women and men who are shaping the future of engineering, science and technology.”


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Gulfstream and its employees are honored consistently with some of the most prestigious awards in the field of business aviation.

In addition to the awards shown above, Gulfstream employees have won a host of individual and team awards for achievements in their chosen professions, especially science, technology, engineering and marketing. Gulfstream actively participates in events hosted by organizations like the National Aviation Association and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.